Veils, installation, 1992

Combining stories of people killed or injured during the Troubles in Northern Ireland with found clothing. Struts Gallery.

Breastplate, 1993

senza-fine senza-fine

Sweet Talk, installation, 1994

An installation about the difficulty of communicating, using language creation myths, a dysfunctional harp, storytelling and a heart flute.

a woman's diary
a woman’s diary, installation, 1994-99

Embroidering my own hair in a humorous take on how women are perceived.

flesh and bone
Flesh and Bone, installation, 1998

The Unsolicited Gift
The Unsolicited Gift, installation, 1999

Looking for the site of consciousness.

About About

About billboard
Wordplay: About, member exhibitions, Struts Gallery, Sackville, NB, 2008.

“Emerging Worlds: Billboard Text Art,” tina b., Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Czechoslovakia

The Shroud of Laughter
The Shroud of Laughter, installation, 2000

A thousand flowers are sewn together to celebrate life.

without end
without end, video installation, 2000

Mixed up language to walk within.