skins, video, 2006, 0:56 minutes

Unpackaging and peeling away layers of self-delusion as one ages.

One Tongue, video installation, 2006, 10 minutes.

About language and having a voice as a woman, based on a poem of mine.

Blue Skies & Rocky Shores
Blue Skies & Rocky Shores, documentary, 21 minutes, 2008.

This is a story of dementia and caregiving shot over a nine year period. My husband, John Asimakos, was an artist. In 1994, he was diagnosed with a rare dementia called Pick’s Disease which slowly eroded his cognitive abilities. This video is a brief glimpse into caregiving, and John’s struggle to live with dignity and joy as his life drastically changed.

The Song Cycle, video installation, ongoing, 13:30 minutes.

Mapping the Tantramar region through people’s singing in places they love.

Canfield Creek, documentary, 2010.

An interview with Emile Gautreau, Métis Elder, Storyteller and Maritime spiritual leader about the re-spiritualizing of the Canfield Creek land.

all the untidy

Created for “EB Projected: Short Films about Elizabeth Bishop,” during the Bishop Centenary Celebrations 2011, and shown at The Music Room, Halifax, NS and Great Village, NS. The video was shot at the Bishop House in Great Village, Nova Scotia, Canada. The words are from Bishop’s grave stone.

It’s Okay
It’s Okay, video installation, 2010-15, 25 minutes.

A funny, serious, and lyrical collection of video performance shorts about womanhood with sound, poetry, texts. An ongoing project.

Do You Hear Me?

I worked with software programmer Karen Thorsen as we both learned how to use Le Cube’s facial recognition software. We had two and a half days to create this interactive work for Nocturne in Halifax, NS.


This is a two projector Video Score composed for musical improvisation. Motion Ensemble, the New Brunswick experimental music group, performed it August 1st, 2012 during the OK.Quoi?! Festival in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. The work is about a love of place, specifically the Tantramar marshes and the Bay of Fundy.

Walking with EB: Adventures in Newfoundland, 1932 & 2008, minutes, 2013

A classical singer, Suzie LeBlanc, and a visual artist, Linda Rae Dornan, follow the journal of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Elizabeth Bishop, across the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada. Bishop walked it in 1932 when cars were few; they retraced her steps in 2008 having adventure after adventure, tracking down places and people mentioned in the journal, filming as much as possible, and reading her poetry. This is in the CD/DVD compilation “I am in Need of Music,” CD by Suzie LeBlanc. To purchase.

A Marsh Slice — detail
A Marsh Slice

An interactive video project programmed with MAX MSP/Jitter. Part of the exhibition NASA III at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, June 7–22, 2013. Programming by Corinne Madsen.