Post Cards created during the Pandemic to keep in touch with people.

HELLOS. During a performance in PERFform 19, I greeted each audience member with a different hello memorized from languages around the globe. This post card was created in 2020 to say hello again!
Calling the Cuckoo is an early performance of mine, 40 minutes long. A series of actions building into the next using chanting, song, extended vocal techniques, and a speech from daily routines. In this section I am dancing to a recording of Muriel, my 83 year old mother, singing, “The Gypsy Rover.” I am holding a canvas silhouette of words spelling, “A Woman took a blueprint of her own flesh, to be read as a letter.”
Walking with, a photo series, 2021. Long evening walks along the sand bars examining the patterns of lugwarm casing and clawprints—evidence of the passage of lives unknown, of signs of purpose in the universe’s balance so far from human understanding. My footprints beside the seagull’s (I imagine our conversation.)

Sound Scores

skin to words, extended voice performance, 2018
Cat Aria, imitating cat sounds to create a sound work, 2019

A Certain History

This is an artist page in Ways to Wander, a compendium of artists’ suggestions, instructions, rules & activities for walking. Published by Footwork/Walking Artists Network, UK, 2015

Word Dancers: About

This text piece was exhibited at Emerging Worlds: Billboard Text Art, tina b., Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Czech, 2008


It Speaks You

it-speaks-you_240x258 it-speaks-you-i-burned_240x258 it-speaks-you-brain-texts_240x258

It Speaks You is an artist bookwork I published in 2014. It is inspired by my performance art work of the same name. The performance has three characters who use speech, song, weaving, writing and silence to explore language and how we communicate with each other.

The Writer writes + draws with difficulty using long sticks on a 20 foot length of paper on the floor. The Webmaker weaves stainless steel wire around cultural artifacts into a complex web across the stage. The Speaker is within a sound speaker platform and tells stories about language, love and loss in a private struggle to communicate.

Speaker: Helen Pridmore
Webmaker: W.L. Altman
Writer: Linda Rae Dornan

Performed in 2006 in the Sackville Music Hall, Sackville, NB and at Third Space Gallery in Saint John, NB.